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In 1978, Chef Jo Yamanaka moved from his hometown of Kyoto, Japan to start a new life and family in Kansas City, Missouri.  His dream was to serve traditional steakhouse meats and veggies with bold Japanese flavors in the heart of the Midwest.  Gojo quickly became a mainstay in the Kansas City dining scene.  We happily celebrated birthdays, proms, anniversaries and more with delicious foods, great drinks and live entertainment…all with complete strangers at the table!


Over the years, we became famous for our signature sauces.  The original yellow sauce became a cult classic and began a new way to enjoy hibachi in the Kansas City area.  The sauce started on a shrimp appetizer, but we soon realized we had something exceptional when customers asked to top their rice bowls and dinner plates.


Gojo Japanese Steakhouse lit hibachi tables on fire for over 40 years in Westport, Kansas City.  However, in the Spring of 2020, when the world started dining at home, we sadly served our last steak and closed our beloved restaurant.  This is when our bottled sauces were born!  Now you can bring our restaurant to your dinner table with our most popular sauces. 


Our 40-year legacy will live on within your home and fridge as we hope to continue to bring people together through a good meal and great experiences.


We can still hear our regulars say “More yellow sauce, please!”

With heavy hearts, our restaurant is permanently closed.  Now, bring Gojo Japanese Steak House home with our most popular sauces. 

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